AudioBat ®

The monitoring and prevention of the risk of collision of bats in the wind context have become major issues for producers.
of renewable energy.

EIn response to this need, Biodiv Wind SAS has developed the AudioBat ® system.

Alliance between our Safewind technology and the Smart system from Wildlife Acoustic. AudioBat applies Artificial Intelligence algorithms to the detection and acoustic identification of bats in the complex environment of wind farms.

Equipment / Installation

A system composed of:

  • A microphone at the bottom of the tower
  • A hub microphone for listening downward (optional)
  • A hub microphone for listening upward (optional)
  • A processing unit
  • A web interface (optional)


A system for:

  • To record echolocations
  • To detect in real time and identify bats
  • Regulate by limiting production losses
  • Exploit system data and records


Fully modular AudioBat® will allow you to:

  • Interact with the wind turbine based on:

A single cry

A shout volume over a defined time period

  • Scare on predefined ultrasound ranges in case of detection/identification (under development)
  • Control the system according to the predefined wind restraint parameters: Wind speed / Temperature / Hygrometry / Atmospheric pressure.


Combined with our Safewind® video detection system, this will allow you to:

  • Limit collisions: 30% of bats do not emit ultrasound near wind turbines
  • Have a single detection system
  • Limit interfaces with SCADA