Bird Sentinel®

Characterize the biodiversity of wind farms under development or repowering BirdSentinel® is an automated and fully autonomous device specifically designed for studying the aerial activity of diurnal fauna.

Equipment / Installation

An autonomous system to observe the activity of flying fauna:

  • day and night, for a chosen duration,
  • can be installed on any support (autonomous mast, measuring mast, pylon, etc.),
  •  for an established field of view and detection parameters
  •  remote supervision by 4G.

Type de configuration

  • Installation on measuring mast
  • Open field installation
  • Installation in rugged area


Report at the end of the service including among others:

  • Intrusion analysis
  • Duration of intrusions
  • Flight heights


  • Operating temperatures between -40°C and +75°C
  • Capture 365 days a year

Remote monitoring:

  • System Status
  • Camera status + LIVE Vision
  • Hard drive status
  • DVR Status