Detect and reduce the risk of collision of flying fauna on wind turbines

The company

Biodiv-Wind SAS, winner of the French Tech 2019 Label Pass, is among the leaders on the market of technological solutions for wildlife detection contributing to the reduction of industrial impacts.

Created in 2014 in Béziers (Hérault), Biodiv-Wind SAS has equipped nearly 172 wind turbines in France, Germany, Finland, Austria and Iceland and has 30 employees including several experienced naturalists and IT specialists.

Its know-how and innovations R&D in optical detection systems are recognized in France and internationally. Today, its main market is the management of onshore and offshore wind farms birds and bats collison risks.

The solution

The monitoring and prevention of collision risks of flying fauna, birds and bats, on wind turbines have become major issues for renewable energy producers.

In response, Biodiv-Wind SAS has developed the system.

is an innovative real-time automated detection system for flying fauna that relies on a unique video processing software capable of detecting and tracking moving targets even when moving through rotating wind turbine blades.

Thanks to its enhance capabilities of detection, tracking and risk analysis, :
  • Engage if necessary and according to configurable risk levels, scaring and/or regulating actions
  • Maximizes the output by triggering a regulation of the wind turbine once the risk is proven.
  • Limits the phenomena of habituation of the fauna to sound scaring and neighborhood inconvenience.



can detect diurnal birds, nocturnal birds and bats.


Fits on all types of onshore and offshore horizontal axis wind turbines.

Application areas

Onshore : Birds & Bats
Offshore : Birds

Secured and accessibled data

All intrusion events are logged and accessible from the Customer Interface .

High quality components

The components of are light and non-intrusive. They do not require structural modification of the wind turbine.

Direct communication

For even more efficiency, can interact directly with the SCADA of the wind turbine.

How it works

The system equips the wind turbines individually. A standard installation (horizontal wind turbine) for daytime birds includes :
  • 8 HD -IP66- cameras fixed onto the wind turbine mast at about ten meters high from the ground and covering 360 ° horizontally and 240 ° vertically around the wind turbine.
  • 4 IP 66 horns also attached to the wind turbine mast.

These elements are connected to a computer unit, installed inside the mast of the wind turbine, which analyzes in real time and continuously the received video streams in order to detect any intrusions.

In line with the detection parameters, which can be scaled according to the installation site requirements, engages automatically scaring and/or regulation actions. These actions are automatically stopped as soon as the birds/bats are off the risk zone.

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