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The company

Biodiv-Wind SAS, is a company that develops, installs and operate artificial intelligence based wildlife detection system in industrial environments.

Since 2015, Biodiv-Wind SAS has equipped nearly 480 wind turbines in western Europe, including France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium and carried out wildlife studies in several other countries (Finland, Iceland…).

Biodiv-Wind SAS employes 47 staff which includes IT specialists, engineers and experienced ecologists.

Its know-how and ongoing developments in AI and detection systems for the reduction of flying fauna collision risk with onshore and offshore wind farms are recognized in France and internationally.

Our installations around the world

The solution

The monitoring and prevention of collision risks of flying fauna, birds and bats, on wind turbines have become major issues for renewable energy producers.
In response, Biodiv-Wind SAS has developed the SafeWind® system.

SafeWind® applies Artificial Intelligence algorithms to wildlife video-detection in the challenging environment that the vicinity of operating wind turbines is. Detecting and tracking of moving targets is a key focus of the system, even when moving through rotating wind turbine blades.

Thanks to its enhance capabilities of detection, tracking and risk analysis, SafeWind®:

  • It engages when necessary and according to configurable risk levels, scaring and/or regulating actions.
  • Maximizes the output by triggering a regulation of the wind turbine once the risk is proven.
  • Limits the phenomena of habituation of the fauna to sound scaring and neighbourhood inconvenience.


How it works

The system SafeWind® is configured to respond to the planning permit requirements and client’s needs for the operational life of the wind farm. Depending on its configuration the system allows to carry out intra or inter WTG observations.

SafeWind® Products are CE adaptable industrial standard equipment articulated around video-detection camera, horns, IR spots and a computer system.
This equipment is connected to an internal unit, installed inside the tower that continuously analyses the live video-stream in order to detect any intrusions.

SafeWind® Services are provided to the client in partnership with international recognised wind turbine maintenance providers for the duration of the terms.
Services for detection, regulation and deterrence are provided via a bespoke in-house Artificial Intelligence software.
On-going system supervision and data access is ensured with the continuous internet connection to the system while remote maintenance is carried out by a dedicated technical support team.

About us

Biodiv-Wind SAS has been collaborating with its clients on avian and chiropteran topics across the different phases of onshore and offshore wind projects since 2015.

Biodiv-Wind SAS mission of biodiversity protection and support to wind energy development is based on Artificial Intelligence.
Its reliable flying fauna detection systems can be adapted to the target species and the technical specifications of the wind turbines.
They are modular, efficient, simple to install, operate and maintain.


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